Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Necessity to Speak

As I was reading the essay, "The Necessity to Speak" by Sam Hammil, I had many mixed emotions.  Hammil explains, “we can’t hear very much reality” (Hammil 546).  Many of us are scared to express how we feel. Our emotions stay quiet or bottled up inside.  Hammil goes on explaining how “the writer” is the battered woman in her growing pain, or a good man with a belt wrapped around his fist.  Poetry makes you feel the same pain, or happiness the writer has felt.  We each have not been taught how to express our feelings. 
Hammil writes, “We think poetry is about emotions. We are dead wrong.  Poetry is not about.  The poet identifies a circumstance in which the poetry reveals itself.  We say the poem touches us, sometimes even deeply. We often say the poet is a bit touched” (Hammil 549-550).  When a poet writes poetry, it means they are ultimately giving you, the reader, a part of themselves.  The poet never asks for anything in return, but just enjoys knowing we are there sharing their experiences.  I agree with Hammil as he says “the poet invents a being, and that being, man or woman, stands before the world, naked a feeling” (Hammil 551).  Poets inspire me. They see things in the world we might look past. They all write the truth and even in a world of pain, they find love and hope to keep aspiring themselves to write. 

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