Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Topic Proposal

My topic proposal will relate to Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” by researching Atwood’s biography and the meaning behind the story based on a society where religious beliefs, political structure, and female sexuality, ultimately controls the freedom and rights of women.  We examine the story with female sexuality, as it intertwines with the thought of criminal acts towards females.  Although Margaret Atwood makes up The Republic of Gilead, there are actually non-fictional countries where women’s rights need to be obeyed under religious laws.  I want to research present day Iraq and Saudi Arabia, as Margaret Atwood’s vision of her story is based on a non-fictional description of the two Middle Eastern countries.  Atwood’s fictional story is very accurate with other countries around the world as most of these countries base themselves by sexually victimizing women.  I want to understand why Margaret Atwood based her book on the victimization of women.  Why did the women in the book not fight for rights?  Where is the feminist movement in her story?  “The Handmaid’s Tale,” allow me to analyze the crimes against women and the politics behind female sexuality.  I think researching this topic will allow me to understand why Atwood wrote such a story with very strong ideological structure.