Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Reader

Nabokov believes a good reader should have imagination, memory, a dictionary and somewhat of an artistic sense. A good reader should read more than once to become a major reader. He explains that we all must take the time to read. The books we read will begin to appeal to our minds. I agree with Nabokov for the most part. We all have the opportunity to become good readers. Reading a book twice might change the way you felt or the way you pictured an image in your mind. I think reading a book that makes you happy and excited to read more and more is what makes a good reader. A book does not have to be some kind of work of art, but it can make you imagine a world beyond us. If you enjoy reading and get what you wanted out of the book, than I believe that makes a good reader.
         I would say I am somewhat a good reader. I enjoy reading books that interest me. When I am forced to read some kind of boring book, I start to change my mind about reading all together. It has never been hard for me to find a book that I truly love or enjoy. The stories that make me cry, smile, laugh, or maybe even angry really catch my attention. Once I am emotionally involved in reading something, I can’t stop. 

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