Friday, October 29, 2010

Thesis Blog

1. The weak statement is statement A. The author just makes a generalized statement as to what he or she is writing about.  There is no real claim examining the pros or cons.

2. The weak statement is statement A. The thesis statement is to generalized. We might assume that the author is stating his or her own opinion.

3. The weak statement is statement B. The thesis statement does not make any claims. Everyone knows that young people are targeted by the jean industry. What are you trying to state in your paper? 

4. The weak statement is statement A. Whoever has read Othello knows it is a play about love and jealousy. The thesis does not support any claims.

5. The weak statement is A. Although statement A is longer and goes more in depth with information about the punk rock group Minor Threat, the author is also stating his or her own opinion, and does not have any claims. In a thesis statement we should stay away from using the words me. You do not want the thesis to make a generalized statement.   

My thesis:
           Tim O’Brien’s biography helps to analyze the meaning behind the marvel of his storytelling, as he writes the novel “The Things They Carried,” based on truth and fiction. 

I believe that my thesis statement is a strong because it is specific to the essay I am writing. I will be able to find evidence to prove my thesis statement. To make it stronger I am deciding to change “truth and fiction” to become “truth or fiction.” This can help me explain whether or not Tim O’Brien’s novel is really fact or fiction. It can also be strong, because it can be arguable. People will be able to agree or disagree with my thesis once I support my claims with evidence. 

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