Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tim O'Brien Response


                                          The Things They Carried

They marched through battlefields, while they ate M&M’s; remembering their loves ones’ back at home.
Wearing nothing but the things they carried; can openers, pocketknives, wristwatches, and dog tags.
Each fought with pride, and honor, but the things they carried would never fade from their minds.
They carried photographs, love letters, and the dream of being home again.
 Some lost their lives, while others carried the burden of their brothers’ death.
They marched for the sake of the march, but it was always just an endless march.
They laughed and cried, but it was all to hide the things they carried from their minds.
They carried memories of who they used to be, and the lives they once knew.
But most of all they each carried an endless burden, as they kept trudging along, day after day. 

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